Everside Deployed Over $150 million In 18 Transactions In The Last Two Years

August 7, 2019

Everside is pleased to announce that since closing Fund I at the end of 2017, Fund I has closed 14 investments across all of Everside’s three verticals (i. Primary, ii. Secondary, iii. Direct). Fund I is performing well and is already paying annual cash distributions ahead of schedule.

In Fund I we partnered with leading SBICs in the market today by providing strategic partnership capital or buying out existing LPs via a secondary transaction, all while opportunistically investing into some of the most interesting companies directly. It’s a playbook that is working well for our clients and that we will continue in Fund II. Moritz Poehl, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Everside

In July 2019 Everside had its first successful close of Fund II, at twice the size of the total Fund I. Most of the investors were re-upping from Fund I, with the addition of a select group of new investors.

Everside is pleased to announce that since the first close of Fund II, Everside has completed and closed four investments across all of Everside’s three verticals, with multiple transactions currently under LOI, as well as a very active and strong pipeline.

We are honored by the trust our Fund I investors placed in us, and now also in Fund II. Our pipeline is stronger than ever in all three of our verticals and we look forward to building on our successful track-record from Fund I. Nate Kirk, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Everside

About Everside:

Everside, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), is a New York based, independently owned asset management firm focused exclusively on the lower middle market. The firm is led by a team with extensive backgrounds in credit, direct investing and origination from top global institutions. Everside focuses exclusively on partnering with SBICs, primarily by providing partnership capital, the purchase of secondary investments, as well as by participating in select credit co-investments.

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