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Director of Finance and Operations

Alexia Kalfas

Our small business focus and access to data provides us an enormous information advantage that we use to benefit our partners every day and help drive better outcomes. ”

Alexia is Director of Finance and Operations at Everside. Prior to Everside, she worked as a Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Deutsche Bank – ndb.com formulating the business plan and building the profit and loss statement for the company’s Co-Branded Brokerage Solution, creating the cornerstone of the company’s business-to-business strategy.

Previously, Alexia worked as an associate at Credit Suisse First Boston in the Strategic Planning Department responsible for all corporate merger and acquisition activities and strategic planning processes. She specialized in the financial services industry and played a critical role in major acquisition targets (>$1 billion ).

Alexia was born in Sweden. She holds a B.A. from University of Linköping, Sweden with a concentration in Business Administration and Economics and an M.B.A. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst majoring in Finance and International Marketing. She currently lives in New York City with her family.

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